Increasing Positive Interactions

From session two onwards we also tried to increase positive interaction between the couple. We wanted to shift Dianne and Mick's attention from recording only one another's negative behaviours (attentional bias), to also being able to recognize positive behaviours. As a

Figure 4.3 Microanalysis of Dianne's drinking.

homework assignment we asked both of them to write down pleasant or positive behaviours that they had observed in each other (for example, asking how the day was or getting up to make some coffee). We also attempted to increase the number of positive behaviours of Dianne and Mick. Trying to identify possible pleasant activities, we asked the couple to talk about pleasant things they did together during the time they were dating each other. In the case of Dianne and Mick they liked going out for dinner and going to the movies. We asked them to take turns in planning comparable pleasant activities.

Letting Go, Moving On

Letting Go, Moving On

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