Generalization to the Natural Environment

A third function of comprehensive DBT is to generalize skilful behaviour from the clinic to the natural environment of the client. In standard outpatient DBT, generalization is addressed by telephone consultation. Multi-problem clients often have difficulty asking for help when it is needed. They either are so fearful of requesting help that they inhibit the behaviour or they can ask for help but do so in a manner that others consider to be demanding or abusive. Consequently, clients often end up in hospitals or emergency rooms when they could have engaged in skilful behaviours and avoided the crisis. One reason for telephone consultation is that it allows clients to practise using skilful means to access needed help. A second reason is to generalize skills learned in the skills training group to their everyday lives. Clients can often verbalize intellectual understanding of skills in the DBT clinic. However, when they get out into their own environment, situations that require skills cue strong emotions. High emotional arousal impedes cognitive processing so their ability to use the new information (skills) decreases. Telephone consultation allows clients to obtain skills coaching and moves the treatment out of the clinic and into their lives. Clients have access to the primary therapist to solve problems about which skills to use in real-life situations. The third reason for telephone consultation is to allow clients to address and solve rifts in the therapeutic relationship. Often clients leave sessions and begin to ruminate on conflict with their individual psychotherapist. Telephone consultation provides a means for clients to 'attend to the relationship' with their psychotherapist without having to wait until the next session.

Letting Go, Moving On

Letting Go, Moving On

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