At the end of treatment (19 sessions, during a 7-month period) Dianne had been abstinent for two-and-a-half months and no longer met criteria for major depressive disorder: her BDI score dropped to 10, which is considered to be within the normal range. Dianne's confidence in controlling her drinking increased (SCQ). Results show Dianne to be confident about remaining abstinent even when depressed or sad. She was still convinced she would not be able to limit her drinking after one or two drinks.

During the course of the treatment Mick's marital dissatisfaction decreased from 41 to 22 (MMQ). Dianne's score did not change significantly. At post-treatment both partners were near the cut-off point differentiating martially distressed from non-martially distressed couples. The LEE showed Mick to experience more emotional support from his wife compared to the situation before treatment. Dianne seemed to find Mick somewhat less supportive then before treatment.

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