Cognitive Therapy Aims to Enable Clients to Identify Evaluate and Respond to Maladaptive Thoughts Beliefs and Behaviours

The change process in cognitive therapy involves clients learning to recognise how their thoughts, feelings and behaviours are related to one another and how they are implicated in the presenting difficulties. Clients then go on to learn how to actively evaluate and respond to maladaptive thoughts and behaviours. Early phases of cognitive therapy involve the therapist in an active and educative role; middle phases involve much more of a joint problem-solving stance with later stages involving clients essentially 'running their therapy'. Placing the client in this active role of evaluating problematic patterns of thought and behaviour serves the parallel functions of increasing a sense of hope and mastery.

Belief Change 101

Belief Change 101

Do you suffer from a habit or a behavior or a repetitive thought pattern that keeps you from being who you want to be? Do you try to change this or that aspect of your life, but wind up right back where you started? You're not alone! Millions of Americans try to make changes, but the whopping majority fail exceptionally.

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