Where Is Greg

Paul is happy to have seen such a wide range of urological findings over the last few days. He also got some reading done and feels quite confident. Giufeng has taken a day off for a research project and Ajay is organizing the birthday party of one of his kids. Hannah is snowed under with work at the orthopedic clinic. Joey has finally persuaded the angiographers to let him do an angio himself under strict supervision, and Greg is at a conference for the day. Paul gazes around and suppresses a yawn. Suddenly he pauses and straightens up: There is a thin x-ray bag hidden behind the viewing box. He pulls it out and reads the fine pencil writing: "Hands off! Greg's uro-collection." As he whips the first case up on the viewbox, his boredom melts away. Can you solve the cases faster than Paul and before Greg gets back? (Fig. 10.21a-g).

I Greg's Secret Collection

I Greg's Secret Collection a

Fig. 10.21 a-g Have you got an idea why Greg keeps these test cases hidden? He did not leave any notes on the cases.

c a j Greg's Secret Collection j Greg's Secret Collection

Demonstration Hurt Human Heart
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