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Osteochondrosis: Osteochondrosis is the degenerative loss of height of the intervertebral disk, which ends in the destruction of the central disk and the formation of a central "gas" pocket (also called "vacuum phenomenon"). In addition, osseous protuberances—spondylo-phytes—are formed at the rims of the vertebral end plates; these may become very large and eventually bridge the intervertebral gap (Fig. 8.36). Degenerative osteophytes may also develop around the posterior facet joints. The

I The Case of Will Walton

I The Case of Will Walton

Pics Degenerated Spondylo

Fig. 8.35 Is there anything abnormal on this radiograph of Will Walton's lumbar spine?

combination of spondylophytes, osteophytes, and the loss of disk height may narrow the neuroforamina and eventually cause nerve compression syndromes.

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