The Complicated Case

Meanwhile, Giufeng and Hannah face another completely different patient. Hugo Blackbottom (45) knows the hospitals and the doctors "inside out" as he says. He does not want to tell his history—"You are the studied folks, ain't ya?" he grumbles. Yes, he has got pain all over and where can he go for a smoke? Both women retreat to their light box and examine Black-bottom's radiographs closely (Fig. 8.27). They want to have an unbiased first look before they call up the referring colleague for more background information. The bone structure seems to be altered. A long-standing chronic process seems to be the problem.

I The Case of Hugo Blackbottom

I Osteomalacia

Lumbar Spine Ananotmy
Fig. 8.27 This the lumbar spine radiograph of Mr. Blackbottom. Can you help Giufeng and Hannah?
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