My Wife Doesnt Know Me Anymore

Charlotte Braggbag (62) was quite a well-known personality in her neighborhood, generously sharing her opinion about absolutely everything with all those who cared to listen and those who did not. Her husband could live with it. For a few months now she has not really had an opinion about anything. Her husband could have lived with that as well. But when she looked at him mistrustfully a week ago, and asked him who he was and what he was doing in her apartment, he decided to seek help. Eventually the two ended up at the neurologist. Now they sit side by side in the CT waiting area. Giufeng and Paul are mulling over the study (Fig. 11.41), a few images of which had to be repeated because the patient would not lie still for any length of time.

I The Case of Charlotte Braggbag

Fig. 11.41 This representative CT image of Mrs. Braggbag was selected for your analysis. What do you see?
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