The Case of Loretta Hotblood Endocrine Ophthalmopathy

Retrobulbar Muscles Enlarged
Fig. 13.17 This MRI sequence with enhancement of the orbital fat depicts a coronal image directly posterior to the eyeball.

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Carotidocavernous fistula: An exophthalmos may also be caused by a carotidocavernous fistula (Fig. 13.19a). This

Retrobulbar Muscles Enlarged
Fig.13.18 The coronal T1-weighted MR image through the orbit demonstrates very well the centrally located optic nerve and the enlarged ocular muscles on the left—a typical finding in endocrine ophthalmopathy.

entity is a posttraumatic or an idiopathic communication between the carotid artery and the venous cavernous sinus that may have a direct mass effect on the retrobulbar orbit and cause locoregional venous hypertension. Prominent filling of the conjunctival vessels and a vascular bruit detectable by auscultation with a stethoscope are patho-gnomonic. Interventional radiologists have the opportunity to solve this problem with bravery. After documen-

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