Giant Aneurysm

Sphenoid Sinus Menengeocele Aneuysm
Fig. 11.35 a A rounded mass that appears very dense on plain CT impinges upon the third ventricle. b Contrast-enhanced CT at a lower level demonstrates not only the lumen of the partially thrombosed giant aneurysm but also an additional aneurysm of the right middle cerebral artery (arrow).

hindsight the accident now also appears in a different light: Mrs. Nuremberg had overlooked a car that came from a side where her visual field is indeed impaired. This is little comfort for the young woman, who now faces cranial surgery. Preoperatively the neurosurgeons want to know about possible invasion of the tumor into the cavernous sinus and get a good idea of the anatomical configuration of this patients' sphenoid sinus, because that is the most practical way to approach and resect the tumor.

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