Auxiliary Lines for the Evaluation of the Cervical Spine

Posterior Atlanto Dental

Fig. 14.12a The auxiliary lines for the evaluation of the configuration of the lateral cervical spine run (from anterior to posterior) along the anterior edges of the vertebral bodies, along the posterior edges of the vertebral bodies, and along the anterior contour of the posterior vertebral arches. Another auxiliary line—the Chamberlain auxiliary line—courses from the hard palate to the occiput. The apex of the dens should not traverse it. Another important point is the atlanto-dental distance (arrow)—it may not exceed 4 mm. Finally, the prevertebral soft tissue rim above the level of the esophageal inlet (about C4/5) may not exceed 7 mm in adults. b In the anterior-posterior projection, imagine lines along the spinous processes (do not get thrown off by bifid processes!) and the intervertebral joints. The well-centered position of the dens axis (arrow) relative to the atlanto-occipital joints and to the C1-C2 intervertebral joints is checked with care. (But beware: Is the patient positioned straight?)


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