Arteriovenous Angioma

Fig. 11.29a The axial T2-weighted MR section reveals a mass in the pons with very heterogeneous signal. b Portions of the tumor also have high signal on the T1-weighted images, indica-

Arteriovenous Angioma
tive of extracellular methemoglobin related to previous hemorrhage. c MR angiography (this is an inferior projection of a 3D image) confirms a hypervascular lesion in the pons.
Angioma Brain

Fig. 11.30a This angiographic image (A-P projection) of another patient shows an extensive vascular malformation in the left temporal region that originates from the middle cerebral artery. b Selective angiography with a very fine coaxial catheter c c

Venous Angeoma The Pons

shows the angioma and its early venous drainage (arrows) with greater clarity. c This angioma was embolized and the normal vascular anatomy was completely reconstituted.

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