Figure 2-3. Anterior view of dermatomes. Although dermatomes are shown as distinct segments, some overlap occurs between any two adjacent dermatomes. Shaded areas in the table indicate dermatomes that are affected by a herniated disk (see Chapter 1 I D 15). [The sensory innervation of the face does not involve dermatomes. It is provided by cranial nerve V (CN V): V1 (ophthalmic division), V2 (maxillary division), and V3 (mandibular division).] Knowledge of dermatomes is important because clinical vignette questions include a description of sensory loss at a specific dermatome level.

3. Tabes dorsalis (dorsal column disease) is caused by damage to the sensory pathways of the dorsal column. Clinical findings include: loss of tactile discrimination, vibration sensation, and proprioception.

4. Brown-Sequard syndrome (incomplete spinal cord injury, or hemisection)

a. Brown-Sequard syndrome may be caused by a penetrating blow to the dorsal columns, lateral corticospinal tract, lateral spinothalamic tract, hvpothalamo-spinal tract, or ventral gray horn.

b. Clinical findings include: ipsilateral loss of tactile discrimination, vibration sensation, and proprioception; ipsilateral spastic paresis with pyramidal signs below the lesion; contralateral loss of pain and temperature one segment below the lesion; ipsilateral Horner syndrome; and ipsilateral flaccid paralysis.

5. Anterior spinal artery occlusion a. Anterior spinal artery occlusion results in damage to the following systems: lateral corticospinal tracts, lateral spinothalamic tracts, hypothalamospinal tracts, ventral gray horns, and corticospinal tracts to sacral parasympathetic centers at

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