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A. Median sagittal magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scan of the cervical region (Figure 1-1)

B. Lateral radiograph of the lumbar region (Figure 1-2)

C. Oblique radiograph of the lumbar region ("Scottie dog" projection) [Figure 1-31

D. Median sagittal MRI scan of the lumbar region (Figure 1-4)

E. Lateral radiograph of a teardrop hyperflexion injury (Figure 1-5)

F. CT scan of a Jefferson fracture (Figure 1-6)

G. Lateral radiograph of a hangman fracture (Figure 1-7)

Hangman Fracture Survival

1. Mesencephalon 10.

3. Medulla oblongata 12.

4. Anterior arch of atlas 13.

5. Nasal part of pharynx 14.

7. Oral part of pharynx 16.

8. Mandible

9. Body of hyoid bone

Arythenoid cartilage 17.

Thyroid cartilage 18.

Lamina of cricoid cartilage 19.

Intervertebral disc Th1—2 20.

Fourth ventricle 21.

Cerebellomedullary cistern 22.

Squamous part of occipital 23. bone

Ligamentum nuchae Posterior arch of atlas Lamina of vertebral arch C2 Spinal cord

Spinous process of C7 Subarachnoid space Fat in epidural space

Figure 1-1. Median sagittal MRI scan of the cervical region. Note the location of the anterior arch (4) and posterior arch (18) of the atlas. Note the superior projection of the dens axis (6) and its relation to the atlas, spinal cord (20), and medulla (3). The dens axis is secured in its position predominantly by the transverse ligament. Rupture of this ligament places the spinal cord and possibly the medulla at risk. (Reprinted with permission from Fleckenstein P, Tranum-Jensen J: Anatomy in Diagnostic Imaging. Philadelphia, WB Saunders, 1993, p 119.)

Mri Epidural Adhesion

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