Abdominal Wall

I. Abdominal Regions 56

II. Clinical Procedure 56

III. Inguinal Region 56

IV. Scrotum 58

7 Peritoneal Cavity 61

I. Peritoneal Cavity 61

II. Omentum 61

III. Intraperitoneal and Extraperitoneal Viscera 62

8 Abdominal Vasculature 63

I. Abdominal Aorta 000

II. Venous Drainage of the Abdomen 000

III. Hepatic Portal System 000

9 Abdominal Viscera 67

I. Esophagus 63

II. Stomach 63

III. Duodenum 66

IV. Jejunum, Ileum, and Large Intestine 70

V. Gallbladder, Extrahepatic Biliary Ducts, and Bile 71

VI. Liver 73

VII. Pancreas 75

VIII. Cross-Sectional Anatomy 75 IX. Radiology 75

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