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More specific questioning

Directed questions can then be addressed to establish diagnostically important features about the complaints for example, 'What was the pain like' , 'Was it sharp, heavy or burning' , 'What made the pain worse' , 'Did breathing affect the pain' , 'What about breathing in deeply' , 'How far can you usually walk' , 'What stops you' , 'How do the symptoms interfere with your life (with walking, working, sleeping, etc.)' If a new symptom or complaint becomes apparent during the interview then it should also be analysed in detail.

Creativity The Inner Life of the Creative Process

New life comes always from outside our world, as we commonly conceive our world. This is the reason why, in order to invent, one must yield to the indeterminate within him, or, more precisely, to certain ill-defined impulses which seem to be of the very texture of the ungoverned fullness which John Livingston Lowes calls the surging chaos of the unexpressed. Chaos and disorder are perhaps the wrong terms for that indeterminate fullness and activity of the inner life. For it is organic, dynamic, full of tension and tendency. What is absent from it, except in the decisive act of creation, is determination, fixity, and commitment to one resolution or another of the whole complex of its tensions. (Ghiselin, 1952, p. 13)

Application Of An Informed Classification To Therapeutic Strategy

Our second superordinate therapeutic construct relates to continuity in personality and psychopathology that may be attributed in great measure to the stability of constitutional factors and the deeply ingrained character of early experiential learning. Every behavior, attitude, and feeling that is currently exhibited is a perpetuation, a remnant of the past that persists into the present. Not only do these residuals passively shape the present by temporal precedence, if nothing else, but they insidiously distort and transform ongoing life events to make them duplicates of the past. It is this self-perpetuating re-creative process that becomes so problematic in treating psychopathology. In other words, and as Millon (1969, 1981) has said previously, psychopathology is itself pathogenic. It sets into motion new life experiences that are further pathology-producing. A major goal of therapy, then, would be to stop these perpetuating inclinations, that is, to prevent the continued...

The Human Genome Project and Humanness

Prenatal genetic testing may become a regular and automatic occurrence and the resultant pressure will be on women to abort for genetic disorders, some of which may be largely dependent on environmental circumstances and some of which will carry a small and indeterminate risk of development. If somatic cell gene therapy develops successfully, the incidents of disability and disease within society will decline correspondingly, and it will become increasingly anti-social to bring into the world a new life with a genetic disorder which could be tested for prior to birth. The Committee's recommendation and the HFEA currently prevent the possibility of human research of germ-line gene therapy. The ethical dilemma for couples at risk has increased.

Goldschmidts Useful Developmental Approach

Although the language seems archaic, the spirit of this approach is more vibrant than ever. Garcia-Bellido's (1975) important discovery of compartments in the development of Drosophila (see chapter 4) extended Goldschmidt's work on wing patterns in the gypsy moth, Lymantria dispar. Today, the determination stream has new life in the form of the study of conservatism in developmental gene action and in the role of epigenetic processes in organizing and constraining evolution. Unfortunately, we have lost Goldschmidt, who is usually not cited in works in this field (e.g., Alberch 1982 Bonner 1982 Gould 1982b Maderson et al. 1982). Such is the power of the hopeful monster concept promulgated in Goldschmidt's disastrous second volume. It effectively erased the potential positive effect of his pioneering earlier work and probably abscised his potential ability to hasten the rise of a major research field integrating evolutionary and developmental biology. The tension between the followers...

Making More of Life The Many Aspects of Reproduction

Reproduction is so fundamental to life that it is one of the characteristics by which we define life. As well as the generation of new life in the short term, in the long term, reproduction provides an opportunity for heritable change of various kinds, and hence for evolution. A key view of 20th century biology was that life is basically a nucleic acid information phenomenon, in the dual senses that biological information flows from DNA to RNA to protein (the Central Dogma), but not the other way, both in an individual and across generations. Thus an important primary form of reproduction, replication, is molecular copying, of RNA for individual genes and of DNA for chromosomes. Replication of other molecules of life, such as amino acids, steroids, lipids, carbohydrates, and nucleic acid components themselves and reproduction of organisms follow as a result. We've seen in earlier chapters that this view can be tempered by other ways in which interited change can come about, but they...

The Earliest Stages in the Creative Process Involve a Commerce with Disorder

Even to the creator himself, the earliest effort may seem to involve a commerce with disorder. For the creative order, which is an extension of life, is not an elaboration of the established, but a movement beyond the established, or at least a reorganization of it and often of elements not included in it. The first need is therefore to transcend the old order. Before any new order can be defined, the absolute power of the established, the hold upon us of what we know and are, must be broken. New life comes always from outside our world, as we commonly conceive that world. This is the reason why, in order to invent, one must yield to the indeterminate within him, or, more precisely, to certain ill-

Understanding and naming the process Example

The counsellor asked about her relationship and found out that the boyfriend had been very supportive and so ventured the following idea, 'I wonder, if when you heard this news about your father, you were extremely shocked and it turned your life upside down. You believed you had lost everything, your own future health and your future marriage. Your way of dealing with all this has been to try to keep busy, trying to tidy everything up, as if too frightened to stop. But I guess you've found that the upset stays there'. 'You seem to have moved a long way in adjusting to the news, you were initially quite shocked and then very distressed. I would guess you were frightened and grieving for the loss of your life as it was. And now you are here to talk about it all and find you can cry1. The woman responded

African Americans

The reporter then asked, ''Do you have any goals at this point in your life '' Without hesitation, Henry retorted, ''I want to live to be 110.'' Everyone knew that Henry was serious by the conviction in his tone. ultimate is to detach oneself from pleasure and desire. Having accomplished this, the enlightened individual is free from hope, anxiety, ambition, and frustration (Long, 1975). The most effective way to detach oneself from desire is meditation that channels the unconscious toward the impermanence of life and the inevitability of death. In short, one conquers death by accepting it. Accepting death, for a Buddhist, is eased by the belief that it leads to a new life, which, depending on one's actions in the present life, may be preferred to the present one.

Raymond W Gibbs Jr

How would you describe the way you think about your life When asked this question, many people immediately embrace some convenient metaphor to characterize their self-conception. Consider two narratives from individuals in their late 40s who had re-entered college to finally obtain their degrees. The first, Sara, talked of her life as being a journey. She said that completing school was critical because it's important to where I want to end up. It represents this little highway to, um, a new life, I guess. Each one of the steps I take down this road was well thought out. You take your journey and end up back where you started and you see it in a new way, and you see it for the first time, and I really believe that's what I did (Horton, 2002, p. 283).

Processing grief

Folkmans Model Grief

There is re-organisation of behaviour and a return to every day living. Worden (1991) picks up Freud's idea of grief work and describes four tasks of mourning which he considers to be of use clinically. They are to accept the reality of the loss, to work through the pain and grief, to adjust to an environment in which the deceased is missing (which involves internal, external and spiritual adjustments) and finally to emotionally relocate the deceased and move on with life. The last task suggests that it is necessary to find a place for the deceased, recognising that there is a continuing bond which does not interfere with the development of a new life.


Called French parsley by Europeans, chervil is a symbol of new life for them, because of its resemblance to myrrh given to baby Jesus. Romans and Greeks used these leaves in tonics (with watercress and dandelions) more than 2000 years ago to rejuvenate the body. Because of their pleasant sweet aroma, it was introduced to France and the rest of Europe, where it is used as fresh salads to accompany meals. Derived from the Latin word cherifolum, chervil is now widely used by central and western Europeans. One of the most common leafy spices used in French cooking, it has become an essential part of the local spice blends, bouquet garni, and fines herbes.

Religious Faith

Pared with Islam, Christian teachings place more emphasis on the interpretation of religious writings. But despite the efforts of theologians and philosophers throughout history, no one has succeeded in devising a direct proof of the existence of God6 or the correctness of any religious belief. Blaise Pascal's famous wager concerning the existence of God would probably be accepted as a good strategy by most people. The wager is that if you bet that God exists and He does not exist, you have lost nothing. On the other hand, if you bet that God does not exist and He does exist, you have lost everything. Therefore, given no choice but to bet, the better strategy is to bet that God exists and live your life accordingly.

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