The Classification Of Nerve Fibers is shown inTible

Table 5-1.

Classification of Nerve Fibers


Diameter Velocity


(fxm)* (m/sec)


Sensory axons la (A-cx) 12-20

Motor axons

Preganglionic autonomic fibers (B) <3

Postganglionic autonomic fibers (C) 1

70-120 70-120 30-70 12-30




Proprioception, muscle spindles Proprioception, Golgi tendon organs Touch, pressure, and vibration Touch, pressure, fast pain, and temperature Slow pain and temperature, unmyelinated fibers

Alpha motor neurons of ventral horn

(innervate extrafusal muscle fibers) Gamma motor neurons of ventral horn (innervate intrafusal muscle fibers) Myelinated preganglionic autonomic fibers

Unmyelinated postganglionic autonomic fibers

♦Myelin sheath included if present.

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