— predisposing conditions are ulcerative colitis and AIDS (which can also result in Kaposi's sarcoma).

— solitary or multifocal.

— of probable mucosa-associated lymphoid tissue (MALT) origin (>70%) with a heterogeneous, polymorphous cell population: low-grade <20% blasts; high-grade >20% blasts and on a spectrum with diffuse large B-cell lymphoma.

— B (>90%) or T cell ± high content of eosinophils.

— prognosis relates to the grade and stage of disease.

Others (see Chapter 4): centrocytic or mantle cell lymphoma (multiple lymphomatous polyposis), which is of intermediate grade and aggressive. Rarely follicle centre (follicular) lymphoma spreading from systemic nodal disease; Burkitt's type/B-lymphoblastic in children or adults (with AIDS) in the terminal ileum/ileocaecal valve—high-grade lymphomas.

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