Extent Of Local Tumour Spread

Border: pushing/infiltrative. Lymphocytic reaction: prominent/sparse.

The TNM classification varies according to exact anatomical site and tumour type.

Adnexae, e.g. carcinoma of eyelid. Malignant melanoma is classified as for skin tumours pT1 tumour of any size not in tarsal plate, or at lid margin <5mm maximum dimension pT2 tumour invades tarsal plate, or at lid margin >5mm but <10mm maximum dimension pT3 tumour involves full eyelid thickness, or at lid margin >10mm maximum dimension pT4 tumour invades adjacent structures which include bulbar conjunctiva, sclera/globe, soft tissues of orbit, perineural invasion, bone/periosteum of orbit, nasal cavity/paranasal sinuses, and central nervous system.


The TNM classification applies to sarcomas of soft tissues and bone. pT1 tumour <15 mm maximum dimension pT2 tumour >15 mm maximum dimension without invasion of globe or bony wall

Figure 38.1. Eyelid carcinoma. |W
Figure 38.3. Eyelid carcinoma. |W
Figure 38.4. Eyelid carcinoma. |W
Figure 38.7. Sarcoma of orbit. |W

Figure 38.8. Sarcoma of orbit. |W

pT3 tumour of any size with invasion of orbital tissues and/or bony walls pT4 tumour invades globe or periorbital structures such as: eyelids, temporal fossa, nasal cavity/paranasal sinuses, or central nervous system.

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