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Do you know that the painkillers you eat are causing you grave damage? They are increasing your risk of having a heart attack. This is not something out of the blue. In fact, the FDA issues this warning itself. And yet, you take them. It's not your fault. You are not provided a safer alternative. Thankfully, with the advent of CBD Pain Freeze Cream by Prosper Wellness, you are going to live a life free of pain and side effects for that matter. A perfectly crafted mixture of pain relieving oils and elements, the CBD Pain Freeze Cream does what it says. It features full spectrum cannabidiol, Arnica, Castor Oil, Peppermint Oil, Aloe, Green Tea Extract, Willow Bark Extract, and Menthol. Since it does not have psychoactive properties, you can easily and without any worry use it to relieve your joint pain, muscle cramps, or any other type of aches in your body, and that too in seconds. As it has 85% bioavailability, you will instantly feel a soothing chill in the affected area. There are no bonuses as such, but the company offers free bottles of CBD Pain Freeze Cream and also great discounts. Read more here...

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Boomer Wellness CBD

Boomer is a natural roll-on designed to treat your pain with a pure and organic blend. This product uses a different approach to relieve pain by employing natural ingredients with no side effects. The powerful plant ingredient used in manufacturing Boomer is capable of delivering fast and potent results, unlike alternative products. Boomer is made up of 4 powerful ingredients that work magic on your skin. These ingredients penetrate quickly to relieve you of your pain by working in synergy to increase their strengths. Boomer Wellness Pain Relief Roll-On is just what you need to increase your productivity and overall health. Natural products are associated with good health compared to their artificial counterparts. Being natural, Boomer Wellness Pain Relief Roll-On is totally harmless. With its higher gravity on Clickbank, it suggests that the product is purchased many times. That means it is used by many people who find it useful and harmless. There are lots of fake wellness products in the market these days, but you can trust Boomer Natural Wellness with their pain reliever roll on. Read more here...

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It is now becoming clear that effective analgesia can be separated from psychotropic effects by selective modulation of CB receptors. Data from animal models demonstrated high efficacy analgesia in response to all types of nociception (acute and inflammatory states) tested with a number of agents currently under investigation.169170 Clinical trials using synthetic cannabinoids and extracts of whole plant cannabis (including delta-9-tetrahydocannabinol and cannabidiol) have shown mixed results for efficacy in treating pain and muscle spasticity associated with multiple sclerosis and various neuropathic pain conditions.170174 The results of future trials using more selective agents with properties that allow oral dosing are eagerly awaited.

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