Common Problems

7. Exercise Motivation and Behavior Change 113

Kerry S. Courneya, Kristina H. Karvinen, and Jeffrey K.H. Vallance

8. Fatigue 133

Alexander V. Ng, Carlynn A. Alt, and Elizabeth M. Gore

Victor T. Chang and Ryuichi Sekine

10. Depression 173

Peter C. Trask and Timothy Pearman

11. Interpersonal Relationships 191

Andrea A. Thornton and Martin A. Perez

12. Adaptation in the Face of Advanced Cancer 211

Carissa A. Low, Tammy Beran, and Annette L. Stanton


13. Restoring Emotional Well-Being: A Model 231

Robert W. Lent

14. Physical Activity for Cancer Survivors: Potential Benefits and Guidelines 249

Clare Stevinson, Kristin L. Campbell, Christopher M. Sellar, and Kerry S. Courneya

15. Nutrition and Weight Management in Cancer Survivors 269

Virginia Uhley andK.-L. Catherine Jen

16. Management of Chemotherapy-Related Cognitive

Dysfunction 287

Robert J. Ferguson, Raine Riggs, Tim Ahles, and Andrew J. Saykin

17. Smoking Cessation and Cancer Survivors 303

Jamie S. Ostroff and Lara K. Dhingra

18. Psychological Distress, Depression, and Anxiety 323

Arthur M. Nezu and Christine Maguth Nezu

19. Managing Daily and Long-Term Stress 339

Linda E. Carlson and Michael Speca

20. Pain and Function: A Psychosocial Perspective 361

Michael J.L. Sullivan, Pascal Thibault, Andre Savard, and Ana Velly

21. Work 381

Jos Verbeek and Evelien Spelten

22. Comprehensive Long-Term Follow-up: Cancer

Survivorship Centers 397

Linda A. Jacobs, Jane Alavi, Angela DeMichele, Steven Palmer, Carrie Stricker, and David Vaughn


23. Survivor Perspectives on Quality Care 419

Kathryn McPherson and Rod MacLeod

24. Living with Advanced Cancer 429

Sheila Payne


25. Global Considerations 449

Patricia A. Findley


26. Cancer Survivorship: Research, Practice, and Policy 481

Michael Feuerstein

Index 495

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