We searched the PsycINFO and MEDLINE databases for relevant articles. Included in the review are articles published in 1998 or later, following the comprehensive review by Gotay and Muraoka,3 and focused on more than one dimension of QOL. Thus, a study focusing only on comorbidity would not be included. The sample had to be, at least, 5 years post-diagnosis. In studies whose sample ranged in the number of years following diagnosis, a measure of time post-diagnosis/treatment needed to be included so that we could determine whether longer term survivors fared better (or worse) on the dimensions of QOL. And the sample had to be sufficiently large to have statistical power for drawing conclusions from the analysis. Studies that focused solely on qualitative analysis are not included. While cross-sectional studies are the most represented group in the review, those with non-cancer or another cancer site as a comparison, and some longitudinal studies also are included.

Also included in the chapter are findings from studies conducted by the lead authors and her colleagues on survivors of breast and prostate cancer and Hodgkin's disease.

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