Materials and Methods

Tissue Sample, RT-PCR, and AR Yeast-based Functional Assay. The patient was diagnosed with T3NxMo PCA at age 76, and was first treated with leuprorelin and flutamide. The patient responded to this complete androgen blockade for 17 months, and relapsed thereafter. Using bone scanning, diffuse bone marrow metastases including bilateral posterior iliac metastases were revealed at that time. He was later treated by alternative hormonal (cyproterone acetate, cortisol, medroxyprogesterone) and chemotherapy. The bone marrow sample was aspirated at the site of a hyperfixation area on the right posterior iliac crest, five years after the initial diagnosis, and cytologic examination showed the presence of numerous metastatic PCA cells. Total RNAs were isolated from the bone marrow sample, and an AR fragment (1786 bp, 2311 - 4097) was amplified by RT-PCR, and cloned into a yeast expression plasmid. The AR functional assay has been described (7).

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