figure 2.12

topotecan figure 2.12

Frequent tumor regressions and improved median survival were noted in treated animals versus controls. These preclinical results were the impetus for a phase II study of topotecan (5.5-7.5 mg/m2 per day, continuous IV infusion every 21 days) in 44 children with low- and high-grade gliomas, medulloblastomas, and brainstem gliomas [164]. One pateint had a partial response, and 5 patients were stabilized. The authors concluded that topotecan as used in this study was inactive against pediatric PBT. Wong and others are evaluating the efficacy of topotecan against MBT, especially those from lung and breast primaries [165]. Other phase II studies are currently investigating the efficacy of irinotecan (125 mg/m2 per week x 4, every 6 weeks) against adult and pediatric PBT. Toxicity consists of myelosuppression, mild nausea and emesis, hypotension, and, in the case of irinotecan, severe acute and delayed diarrhea [161,166].

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