Other Large Scale Modeling Work

There have been several other recent studies in which large-scale neural modeling has been used to relate neural activity to functional neuroimaging data. We will briefly mention a few of them.

Deco et al. (2004) modeled the mechanisms that underlie working memory-related activity during the execution of delay tasks that have a "what"-then-"where" design (with both object and spatial delayed responses within the same trial). They were interested in examining two notions related to the topographical and functional organization of the PFC: (1) organization-by-stimulus-domain, which proposes that dorsolateral PFC is involved with spatial processing and ventrolateral PFC is specialized for object processing (e.g., Wilson et al. 1993); (2) organization-by-process, which puts forward a hierarchical organization of the PFC, with non-memory related higher order functions (e.g., manipulation of items in memory) associated with dorsolat-eral PFC regions, and short-term memory maintenance functions ascribed to ventral PFC (e.g., Petrides 1994). Deco and colleagues utilized a network composed of integrate-and-fire neurons to model both single-neuron and fMRI

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