Part I Principles Underlying Structural and Functional Brain


Neuronal Dynamics and Brain Connectivity

Michael Breakspear and Viktor K Jirsa 3

Time Delays in Neural Systems

Sue Ann Campbell 65

Connectivity and Dynamics in Local Cortical Networks

John M Beggs, Jeffrey Klukas and Wei Chen 91

Structural Determinants of Functional Brain Dynamics

Olaf Sporns and Giulio Tononi 117

Anatomical Concepts of Brain Connectivity

Rolf Kotter 149

Part II Technology of Structural and Functional Brain Imaging

Primer on Electroencephalography for Functional Connectivity

Thomas C Ferree and Paul L Nunez 169

Functional Imaging of Brain Activity and Connectivity with MEG

Felix Darvas and Richard M Leahy 201

Insights into Brain Connectivity Using Quantitative MRI Measures of White Matter

Andrew L Alexander and Nancy J Lobaugh 221

Part III Analysis and Measures of Brain Connectivity

Simulation Frameworks for Large-Scale Brain Systems

Barry Horwitz and Fatima T Husain 275

Models of Effective Connectivity in Neural Systems

Klaas Enno Stephan and Karl J Friston 303

Multichannel Data Analysis in Biomedical Research

Maciej Kamin ski 327

Beamforming and Its Applications to Brain Connectivity

Armin Fuchs 357

Frequency-Dependent Functional Connectivity Analysis of fMRI Data in Fourier and Wavelet Domains

R ,Salvador, S Achard and ET Bullmore 379

Part IV Behavioral, Developmental and Clinical Applications

The Role of Neural Context in Large-Scale Neurocognitive Network Operations

Steven L Bressler and Anthony R Mcintosh 403

Neural Coordination Dynamics of Human Sensorimotor Behavior: A Review

Kelly J Jantzen and JA Scott Kelso 421

Maturation of Structural and Functional Connectivity in the Human Brain

Tomas Paus 463

Brain Connectivity and the Spread of Epileptic Seizures

John G Milton, Sozari A Chkhenkeli and Vernon L Towle 477

Large Scale Brain Dynamics and Connectivity in the Minimally Conscious State

Nicholas D Schiff 505

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