Word Key

Auer rods • Elliptical, spindle-like inclusions com posed of fused azurophilic granules that may be present in myeloblasts, monoblasts, or promyelocytes in the various AMLs

Cytochemistry • Special stains usually performed on bone marrow samples that are examined microscopically to identify enzymes, lipids, or other chemical constituents within the blast population of cells in acute leukemia

Dyspnea • Shortness of breath

Dysplasia • Abnormal maturation of cells in the bone marrow

Gingival hyperplasia • Swelling of the gingival tissues (gums); in leukemia, this is due to infiltration of the gum tissues with leukemic cells

Immunophenotyping • Process of using monoclonal antibodies directed against cell surface markers to identify antigens unique to the specific lineage and stage of maturation

Lineage • Referring to one specific cell line

Lymphoma • Neoplasm involving abnormal proliferation of cells arising in the lymph nodes; these tumor cells may also metastasize to involve extranodal sites

Meningeal leukemia • Leukemic cells proliferating in the central nervous system

Myelodysplasia • Abnormal maturation and/or differentiation of granulocytes, erythrocytes, monocytes, and platelets

Oncogene • Gene that is responsible for the development of cancer


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