Word Key

Acrocyanosis • Blue or purple mottled discoloration of the extremities, especially the fingers, toes, and nose

Immunologic assay • Measuring the protein and protein-bound molecules that are concerned with the reaction of the antigen with its specific antibody

Monoclonal • Arising from a single cell

Recombinant • In genetic and molecular biology, pertaining to genetic material combined from different sources

Reptilase time • Coagulation procedure similar to thrombin time except that the clotting is initiated by reptilase, a snake venom; using reptilase, heparin will not affect the assay

Thrombin time • Using thrombin as a substrate, this assay measures the time it takes for fibrinogen to be converted to fibrin

Thrombolytic therapy breakup of clots

Using an agent that causes the


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