Word Key

Alloimmunization • Antibodies that occur as a result of antigens introduced to the body through blood and tissue

Consanguinity • Relationships among close blood relatives

Cryoprecipitate • Product derived from fresh frozen plasma that is rich in factor VIII, von Willebrand factor, and fibrinogen

Cytotoxic • Antibody or toxin that attacks the cells of particular organs

Hemangiomas • Benign tumor of dilated blood vessels

HLA • Human leukocyte antigens, which are found in white blood cells and are part of the major histocompatibil-ity complex

Hyperviscosity • Excessive resistance to the flow of liquids

Menorrhagia • Excessive menstrual bleeding

Microangiopathic • Related to pathology of small blood vessels

Paresthesias • Abnormal sensation that results from an injury to one or more nerves, described as numbness or prickly or tingling feeling

Telangiectasia • Vascular lesion formed by dilation of a group of small blood vessels, most frequently seen on face and thighs


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