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Autoimmune hemolytic anemia • Process by which cells fail to recognize self and consequently make antibodies that destroy selected red cells

Direct antiglobulin test • Laboratory test for the presence of complement or antibodies bound to a patient's red blood cells

Erythroderma • Abnormal widespread redness and scaling of the skin, sometimes involving the entire body Monosomy • Condition of having only one of a pair of chromosomes, as in Turner's syndrome, where there is only one X chromosome instead of two Pathognomonic • Indicative of the disease Raynaud's phenomenon • Intermittent attacks of pallor or cyanosis of the small arteries and arterioles of the fingers as a result of inadequate arterial blood supply Plasmapheresis • Plasma exchange therapy, involving the removal of plasma from the cellular material that is then returned to the patient

Rouleaux • Group of red cells stuck together that look like a stack of coins

Translocations • Alteration of a chromosome through the transfer of a portion of it either to another chromosome or to another portion of the same chromosome


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