Stages Of Leukocyte Maturation

The white cell series encompasses those cells that are distinguished by their granules and those that are agranular. In all, there are five maturation stages for neutrophils, four for eosinophils and basophils, and three each for monocytes and lymphocytes. Key features in distinguishing immature and mature stages of any of these cells are cell size, nucleus-to-cytoplasm ratio (N:C), chromatin pattern, cytoplasmic quality, and presence of granules. Cell identification is an organized process. Each cell can be identified using the characteristics listed and each student must survey the cell for each characteristic it presents. The stages of maturation for the neutrophilic series from least mature to most mature are:

• Myeloblast

• Promyelocyte or progranulocyte

• Metamyelocyte

• Segmented neutrophil

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