Review Questions

1. Which of the following inclusions cannot be visualized by the Wright-stained peripheral smear?

a. Basophilic stippling b. Hemoglobin H inclusion bodies c. Howell-Jolly bodies d. Heinz bodies

2. Which of the following functions most affect sphe-rocytes as they travel through the circulation?

a. They tend to form inclusion bodies.

b. They are less deformable and more sensitive to the low glucose in the spleen.

c. They tend to be sequestered in the spleen because of abnormal hemoglobin.

d. They form siderotic granules and cannot navigate the circulation.

3. Many individuals with hereditary spherocytosis are prone to jaundice because of:

b. pathologic logical fractures c. gallstone disease d. skin pigmentation

4. Which of the following are characteristics of hereditary pyropoikilocytosis?

a. Elliptocytes with spherocytes intermixed in the peripheral smear b. Spherocytes with polychromasia and low MCV

c. Elliptocytes, spherocytes, and budding red cells d. Mostly elliptocytes with few other morphologies

5. Which red cell morphology is formed as a result of Heinz bodies being pitted from the red cell?

a. Acanthocytes b. Bite cells c. Burr cells d. Stomatocytes

6. Which of the following hemolytic disorders has red cells that are especially sensitive to lysis by complement?

a. Paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobinuria b. Fanconi's anemia c. Aplastic anemia d. Hereditary spherocytosis

7. In the osmotic fragility test, normal red cells hemolyze at which level?

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