Review Questions

1. Which of the following inclusions are usually only seen in the bone marrow?

a. Toxic granulation b. Chediak-Higashi granules c. The morulas from Ehrlichia infections d. Bacteria

2. In which of the following conditions will mono-cytes be increased?

a. Tuberculosis b. Parasitic infections c. Ulcerative colitis d. Skin diseases

3. Which is the causative agent in infectious mononu-cleosis?

4. The process of ingesting, digesting, and killing bacteria is termed:

a. opsonization.

b. phagocytosis.

c. neutrophilia.

d. mobilization.

5. Qualitative changes in the white cell include all except which of the following:

a. Toxic granulation b. Toxic vacuolization c. Gaucher's cells d. Döhle bodies

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