Review Questions

1. One of the hallmarks in the diagnosis of a patient with CML is:

a. splenomegaly.

b. presence of teardrop cells.

c. thrombocytosis.

2. The BCR:ABL fusion gene leads to:

a. increased LAP activity.

b. increased tyrosine kinase activity.

c. increased organomegaly.

d. increased platelet count.

3. Blast crisis in CML means that there are more than _blasts in the peripheral smear a. 10%

4. The origin of the dry tap in MMM occurs as a result of:

a. extramedullary hematopoiesis.

b. the presence of teardrop cells in MMM.

c. the infiltration of fibrotic tissue in MMM.

d. the increase of megakaryocytes in MMM.

5. Thrombotic symptoms in PV are generally related to:

a. hyperviscosity syndrome.

b. increased M:E ratio.

c. increased LAP.

d. splenomegaly.

6. Pancytopenia in MMM may be caused by:

a. an aplastic origin.

b. increase in reticulin fiber in the bone marrow.

c. extramedullary hematopoiesis.

d. the Ph chromosome.

7. The diagnostic criteria for essential thrombocytes includes all EXCEPT which of the following criteria?

a. Increased platelet count b. Absence of collagen fibers c. Increased hematocrit d. No cytogenic abnormalities

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