Review Questions

1. Which of the following is one of the key roles of thrombin with respect to fibrinogen?

a. Changes fibrinogen into plasmin b. Releases fibrin split products c. Converts fibrinogen into fibrin d. Activates factors V and VIII

2. Which of the following laboratory assays will be normal in a patient with dysfibrinogenemia?

a. Immunologic assay for fibrinogen b. Reptilase time c. Thrombin time d. PT and PTT

3. What is the primary purpose of the fibrinolytic system?

a. To form a stable fibrin clot b. To activate the complement system c. To restore blood flow at the local level d. To inhibit coagulation

4. Which bacterial cell product will precipitate a DIC event?

a. Neuraminidase b. Streptokinase c. Urokinase d. tPA

5. Which is the best possible treatment for a patient with DIC?

a. Provide supporting blood products b. Give the patient tPA if there is excessive clotting c. Resolve the underlying cause of the DIC event d. Give the patient heparin therapy

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