(A, B, or C)


Count 1 Count 2

of Cells Calculation


Differential Using the Cytospin Method

Figures 20.11, 20.12, and 20.13 represent a variety of cells in body fluids.

1. Prepare slide for the cytospin by first labeling the slide with the patient's name, specimen number, and date.

2. Attach slide for cytospin with the cytocup by the Cytoclip.

3. Add 1 drop of 22% albumin to the bottom of the cytocup.

a. Clear to slightly cloudy to moderately cloudy fluid, add 200 pL of specimen.

b. Very cloudy or bloody fluid, add 50 to 100 pL of specimen.

4. Place assembled slide/cytocup into a position of the head with a balance in the position opposite to its location.

5. Cover cytospin head with lid and lock in place by pushing center down on the base.

6. Program the cytospin for 10 minutes at 700 rpm.

a. "Hi" acceleration for serous and synovial fluids.

b. "Lo" acceleration for CSF

7. Start the unit. Upon cycle completion, remove the sealed head. Remove the clip assembly and hold it in a horizontal position with the funnel facing down.

Table 20.8

Total No. of Squares

Reference Factors for Fluid Calculations

Multiplication Factors

Total No. of Squares

Multiplication Factors


Method A

Method B

Method C

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