Condensed Case

A 6-year-old Indian girl was brought to the emergency department with a fever, malaise, and joint pain. Lab results were WBC = 13,000 X 109/L, Hgb = 9.0 g/dL, Hct = 27%, and MCV = 85%. Her peripheral smear revealed a moderate number of target cells, with 2 + polychromasia and moderate oat-shaped cells. Based on this sketch, what is the first diagnosis that comes to mind?


Based on her peripheral smear and the fact that she is anemic with joint pain, sickle cell anemia is a strong possibility. She needs to have this condition confirmed with hemoglobin electrophoresis or IEF Oat-shaped cells are reversible sickle cells seen in many sickle cell anemia individuals. Obviously her bone marrow is responding because she is ^htomg polychr°masia. ^mc funct.n n^s to be c^fdfy m^t^ m m^Muds °f th, age gr°up

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