The Normochromic Anemias Due to Hemoglobinopathies, 113

Betty Ciesla

General Description of the

Hemoglobinopathies, 114 Sickle Cell Anemia, 114

Genetics and Incidence of Sickle Cell

Anemia, 114 Pathophysiology of the Sickling

Process, 115 Clinical Considerations for Sickle Cell

Anemia, 115 Disease Management and Prognosis, 117 Laboratory Diagnosis, 117 Sickle Cell Trait, 120 Hemoglobin C Disease and Trait and

Hemoglobin SC, 120 Variant Hemoglobins of Note, 121 Hemoglobin S-beta Thalassemia, 121 Hemoglobin E, 121

Hemoglobin DPunjab/Hemoglobin Gphila, 122

Hemoglobin OArab, 122

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