Red Blood Cell Production, Function, and Relevant Red Cell Morphology, 33

Betty Ciesla

Basic Red Cell Production, 34 Red Cell Maturation, 34 Red Cell Terminology, 34 Maturation Stages of the Red Cell, 35

Pronormoblast, 35 Basophilic Normoblast, 36 Polychromatophilic Normoblast, 36 Orthochromic Normoblast-Nucleated

(nRBC), 36 Reticulocyte, 36 Mature Red Cell, 36

Red Blood Cell Membrane Development and Function, 37

Composition of Lipids in the Interior and

Exterior Layers, 37 Composition of Proteins in the Lipid

Bilayers, 38 The Cytoskeleton, 38

Red Cell Metabolism, 38 Abnormal Red Cell Morphology, 39

Variations in Red Cell Size, 39 Variations in Red Cell Color, 41 Variations in Red Cell Shape, 41 Red Cell Inclusions, 43

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