From Hematopoiesis to the Complete Blood Count, 15

Betty Ciesla

Hematopoiesis: The Origin of Cell

Development, 16 The Spleen as an Indicator Organ of Hematopoietic Health, 17

The Functions of the Spleen, 17 Potential Risks of Splenectomy, 17 The Bone Marrow and the Myeloid:Erythroid Ratio, 18

Alterations in the M:E Ratio, 18

The Role of Stem Cells and Cytokines, 18

Erythropoietin, 20

The Role of the Laboratory Professional in the Bone Marrow Procedure, 21 Bone Marrow Procedure, 21 Bone Marrow Report, 21 The Complete Blood Count, 22 The Morphological Classification of the

Anemias, 23 Calculating Red Cell Indices and Their

Role in Sample Integrity, 25 The Value of the Red Cell Distribution

Width, 25 Critical Values, 26

The Clinical Approach to Anemias, 26 The Value of the Reticulocyte Count, 26

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