Introduction to Hematology and Basic Laboratory Practices, 3

Betty Ciesla

Introduction to Hematology, 4 The Microscope, 4

Significant Parts of the Microscope, 4 Care of the Microscope, 5 Corrective Actions in Light Microscopy, 6 Innovations in Microscopy, 6 Standard Precautions, 6 Personal Protective Equipment, 6 Safety Features Other Than Personal

Protective Equipment, 7 Chemical and Environmental Hazards, 8 Basic Concepts of Quality Assurance Plans in the Hematology Laboratory, 8 Quality Control Monitoring in the

Hematology Laboratory, 9 Normal, or Reference, Intervals, 9 Delta Checks, 10 Reflex Testing, 10 Preanalytic Variables, 10 Postanalytic Variables, 10 Critical Results, 11

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The Prevention and Treatment of Headaches

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