Pronormoblast Rubriblast

Basophilic normoblast Prorubricyte

Polychromatophilic normoblast Rubricyte

Orthochromic normoblast Metarubricyte

Reticulocyte Reticulocyte

Erythrocyte Erythrocyte

Figure 3.2 Pronormoblast.

36 Part I • Basic Hematology Principles

36 Part I • Basic Hematology Principles

Figure 3.5 Orthochromic normoblast.

Figure 3.3 Basophilic normoblast.

Figure 3.5 Orthochromic normoblast.

Basophilic Normoblast (Fig. 3.3)

Size: 16 pm

Nuclear chromatin: Round nucleus with crystalline chromatin appearance, parachromatin underlayer may be visible, red-purple color to chromatin

Cytoplasm: Cornflower blue with indistinct areas of clearing

Polychromatophilic Normoblast (Fig. 3.4)

Nuclear chromatin: Chromatin is condensed, moderately compacted Cytoplasm: A color mixture, blue layered with tinges of orange red, "the dawn of hemoglo-binization" as hemoglobin begins to be synthesized

Orthochromic Normoblast-

Size: 8 pms

Nuclear chromatin: Dense, velvet-appearing homogenous chromatin

Cytoplasm: Increased volume, with orange-red color tinges with slight blue tone

Reticulocyte (Fig. 3.6)

Size: 8 pm

Appearance: Remnant of RNA visualized as reticu-lum, filamentous structure in chains or as a single dotted structure in new methylene blue stain: seen in Wright's stain as large bluish-red cells, polychromatophilic macrocytes

Appearance: Disk-shaped cell filled with hemoglobin, having an area of central pallor of 1 to 3 pm

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