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The Body Language Project is the perfect mix of art and science. This project seeks to teach you about how body language and tones can signal far more than most people let on. You will be able to easy figure out what people are thinking and feeling just from the body language that you see and the micro expressions that you pick up on. All you have to do is learn the simple set of instructions that gives you the code to figuring out why people do what they do. This book is full peer-reviewed and gives you all of the information that you need to learn how to seduce like a master, no matter how previously attractive you have been to women or men before. Body language is one of the biggest foundations to dating relationships; learning to read body language puts you miles ahead of other people! Read more...

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Reading Her Body Sex Signals Decoded Summary

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Interpreting body language 11

Barrier Signals Body Language

The interpretation of body language, which differs between cultures, is a special study in its own right but there are certain cues and gestures that can be readily interpreted. Examples illustrated include the depressed patient (Fig. 4.7), barrier-type signals often used as a defensive mechanism to provide comfort or indicate a negative attitude (Figs 4.8 a,b,c) and a readiness gesture indicating a desire to terminate the communication (Fig. 4.9). Fig. 4.8 Body language barrier signals (a) arms folded (b) legs crossed (c) 'ankle lock' pose Fig. 4.8 Body language barrier signals (a) arms folded (b) legs crossed (c) 'ankle lock' pose Fig. 4.9 Body language 'readiness to go' gestures Fig. 4.9 Body language 'readiness to go' gestures It is not difficult to appreciate the importance of body language in the doctor-patient relationship. A hunch or gut feeling can be better understood, reinforced or corrected by skilled observation and interpretation of body language. A doctor can recognise...

Assessment Of Pain When Communication Is Impaired

When pain is suspected in a person who is unable to communicate verbally or to understand, such as the case with receptive aphasia often seen after strokes, the assessment of pain will depend heavily on being able to recognize aberrant physical or behavioral responses (10,11). Body language that has typically been associated with pain unfortunately also may be associated with other etiologies. For example, grimacing or wincing may be associated with nausea, disgust, or distaste. Fist clenching or muscle tightening may be associated with anger. Withdrawal can be reflexic or occur when frightened or startled or even in response to tickling. Crying, of course, can reflect sadness or, in many circumstances, even happiness. Usually, adequate assessment of a person who is unable to communicate includes a best-guess assessment of common body language and behavioral manifestations in conjunction with a trial intervention, which may include drugs. Distinguishing the usual from unusual...

Gender identity disorder

Such males frequently avoid playing with other boys, dress in girls' clothing, play predominantly with girls, try out cosmetics and wigs, and display stereotypi-cally feminine gait, arm movements, and body gestures. Although much less common, some girls may similarly reject traditionally feminine roles and mannerisms in favor of masculine characteristics. Professional intervention is required for both extremes of gender behavior.

Psychosocial Factors Involved In Hair Cosmetics

Haircare and psyche reciprocally reflect each other both positively and negatively (bad hair days). Contrary to the bad haircare and negligence of a depressed person or a man in grief, generally people tend to offer themselves the best of haircare when they are feeling happy or when they want to show their internal feelings to others through body language. This is particularly obvious during public appearances and important social gatherings (e.g., parties, marriage ceremonies). Haircare by itself can induce a state of self-confidence and may reflect social status. This may explain significant differences in shampooing regimens, which range from once or twice a week to once a day.

Xischizophrenia And Other Psychotic Disorders

Delusional ideas (e.g., witchcraft) and auditory hallucinations (e.g., seeing the Virgin Mary or hearing God's voice) may be abnormal in one culture and normal in other cultures (Castillo, 1997). For example, in the Nigerian culture, paranoid fears of evil attacks by spirits are part of the local beliefs involving fears of malevolent attacks by evil spirits (Kirmayer et al., 1995). These fears are examples of the culture-bound syndrome named Ode-ori in Table I. As noted by Kirmayer et al. (1995), these paranoid fears might be misdiagnosed as symptoms of psychosis by the uninformed clinician (p. 509). Variability in language, style of emotional expressions, body language, and eye contact across cultures should be considered when assessing symptoms of Schizophrenia. In the case of Brief Psychotic Disorder, it should be distinguished from culturally sanctioned response patterns. For example, in certain religious ceremonies a person may report hearing voices, which are not considered as...

The Behaviour of a Liar

The content complexity approach emphasises that lying can be a cognitively complex task (Vrij, 2000). Liars have to think of plausible answers, should not contradict themselves, should tell a lie that is consistent with everything which the observer knows or might find out, and should avoid making slips of the tongue. Moreover, they have to remember what they have said, so that they can say the same things when someone asks them to repeat their story. People engaged in cognitively complex tasks speak slower and pause more (Goldman-Eisler, 1968). Cognitive complexity also leads to fewer movements, due to the fact that a greater cognitive load results in a neglect of body language, reducing overall animation (Ekman and Friesen, 1972).

Behavioral plasticity

Coyote Environmental Inc

The silverback gorilla shows dominance through size and fur coloration 2. Bighorn sheep posture and fight to establish dominance 3. Wolves use subtle body language to show submission and dominance 4. Kangaroos face each other, standing erect, crouching, and grooming themselves while challenging a competitor before fighting. (Illustration by Wendy Baker) 1. The silverback gorilla shows dominance through size and fur coloration 2. Bighorn sheep posture and fight to establish dominance 3. Wolves use subtle body language to show submission and dominance 4. Kangaroos face each other, standing erect, crouching, and grooming themselves while challenging a competitor before fighting. (Illustration by Wendy Baker)

Rapportbuilding techniques

A person can develop rapport with another by mimicking their body language, speech, posture, pace and other characteristics. This method is a type of neuro-linguistic programming based on the work of Bandler and Grinder. 14 Such techniques can be used to help the doctor communicate better with the patient and also to improve a patient's attitude by changing the patient's body language position. It will be difficult for the patient to maintain a negative attitude if the body language position is not congruent. 13

Reciprocal Behaviors

Dren to mentally note equivalences between transformations of their own bodies and those that they see in another. These first imitations may also help the child to pick out and identify the members of the family circle who are recognized not only by their faces but also by their gestures and behaviors. These gestures and behaviors thus promote social identification.

New Departures

Drake and Cayton's (1993) research did not immediately reorient urban sociology, but in time it did lead to new departures. Their legacy was picked up and carried forward by others including, most prominently, Elijah Anderson (1978 1990) and William Julius Wilson (1987 1996). Anderson spent years doing field work, observing life in bars, shops, and street corners in the most troubled areas of the black community. His vivid ethnographies of black urban life are compelling sociological descriptions of the codes of the street, the cultural logic of black male self-presentation to negotiate urban zones of potential violence. The clothes, the jewelry, the tattoos, body language and verbal idiomatic sparring are all ways of signifying to others that one is an inside player, capable of taking care of business, by physically defending oneself or inflicting violence on another. Paradoxically, the code enables black men to avoid random physical violence through its ubiquitous symbolic...

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