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Chapter 6: Skin and the Integumentary System

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Ttie Case of the Aging Surfer

Sett, h Ifi-ty-mcTf VBW-olcl v* Ie msln rif Scardnqviari descant, las vsrS his nnnre 1« in Soutie'n Flortda. He is very concern-ad with maintaining a "haal+v" apDeararcs. Seii is ven; efiledc aid sspsc at; enjoys surfing. He has beei sjitrj sitrceiis age ot Helve aid he sa ted niahm ijrlc2hrds <m- to da web iri npf" scIicdI. alar sua ring s cc ley« rietit« n mar-wing Sett- deciced to start his own susinsss maWig sffboards and givrg suring lessors for 2 local resort rsar his home During a rc jtine shysical anamination tl" 3 physician assistsittie: Sett" sssi Ltrmnuritod 011 ha [NMstrim and atpeiaaniB ul a a iiall grarjtli (yp (« (j xj i ' isjet/2-crt 1111 c atreter) st £ sth's 'i ghi eyebrow. IT s grown was sh ny w th a peady border, a cental ulcer on ij sp jorgeij surface t oodwsseb.Tie pi^siciamisastantwaj wncemidthgifis might ba a tumor snc asked Sen a numser oi quesiiors to aid in tie degrss s. 5eii reportad It ill 1« rloLit«J liit gro¥4li tipp<ui[iHitify six Tiorrt is ugo t:Jl liejylil r uUmig uLkhjI il suite lie ctan d&vs oped "pimples" vihdii he we3 wordrg on si«fbc9rc3 because ot the heat ard dust Sett- noticedth^ttJ-c gnowti would occjs ona»/Ncc:, t jthe-Jiousittic Woo: ng must oftcr o;amed»4ien he atesriy scratched abwt las eyeCiffrtsvuhen ■» wis twnir g. 3tii also rape ted frat after bteiri ng the growth >*x*3 "nisi and appear to heal, but ic: d-sappaar Sett" afco ■tiinlc the Icolon has in;nea5cd In size, but Pic cant be cc tain

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