vaccine (vak'seIn) A substance that contains antigens used to stimulate an immune response. p. 670 vacuole (vak'u-oIl) A space or cavity within the cytoplasm of a cell. p. 79 vagina (vah-ji'nah) Tubular organ that leads from the uterus to the vestibule of the female reproductive tract. p. 905 varicose veins (var'i-kos vanz) Abnormally swollen and enlarged veins, especially in the legs. p. 608 vasa recta (va'sah rek'tah) A branch of the peritubular capillary that receives blood from the efferent arterioles of juxtamedullary nephrons. p. 830 vascular (vas'ku-lar) Pertaining to blood vessels. p. 602 vas deferens (vas def'er-ens) Tube that leads from the epididymis to the urethra of the male reproductive tract (pl., vasa deferentia). p. 890 vasoconstriction (vas"o-kon-strik'shun) A decrease in the diameter of a blood vessel. p. 602 vasodilation (vas"o-di-la'shun) An increase in the diameter of a blood vessel. p. 602 vasomotor center (vas"o-mo'tor sen'ter)

Neurons in the brain stem that control the diameter of the arteries. p. 423 vasopressin (vas"o-pres'in) Antidiuretic hormone. p. 518 vein (vain) A vessel that carries blood toward the heart. p. 607 vena cava (veIn'ah kaIv'ah) One of two large veins that convey deoxygenated blood to the right atrium of the heart. p. 632 ventral (ven'tral) Pertaining to the front or anterior. p. 21 ventral cavity (ven'tral kav'i-te) Hollow place within the body including the thoracic, abdominal, and pelvic cavities. p. 10 ventral root (ven'tral root) Motor branch of a spinal nerve by which it attaches to the spinal cord. p. 432 ventricle (ven'tri-kl) A cavity, such as those of the brain that are filled with cerebrospinal fluid, or those of the heart that contain blood. p. 397 venule (ven'uIl) A vessel that carries blood from capillaries to a vein. p. 607 vermiform appendix (ver'mi-form ah-

pen'diks) Appendix. p. 723 vertebral (ver'te-bral) Pertaining to the bones of the spinal column. p. 24 vertebral canal (ver'te-bral kah-nal') Hollow place within the vertebrae containing the spinal cord. p. 224

Shier-Butler-Lewis: I Back Matter I Glossary I I © The McGraw-Hill

Human Anatomy and Companies, 2001

Physiology, Ninth Edition vesicle (ves'i-kal) Membranous, cytoplasmic sac formed by an infolding of the cell membrane. p. 79 vestibule (ves'ti-bul) A space at the opening to a canal. p. 471 villus (vil'us) Tiny, fingerlike projection that extends outward from the inner lining of the small intestine (pl., villi). p. 718 viscera (vis'er-ah) Organs within a body cavity. p. 11 visceral peritoneum (vis'er-al per"i-to-ne'um) Membrane that covers the surfaces of organs within the abdominal cavity. p. 12 visceral pleura (vis'er-al ploo'rah)

Membrane that covers the surfaces of the lungs. p. 12 viscosity (vis-kos'i-te) The tendency for a fluid to resist flowing due to the internal friction of its molecules. p. 611 vital capacity (vi'tal kah-pas'i-te) The maximum amount of air a person can exhale after taking the deepest breath possible. p. 797 vitamin (vi'tah-min) An organic compound other than a carbohydrate, lipid, or protein that is needed for normal metabolism but that the body cannot synthesize in adequate amounts. p. 113 vitreous body (vit're-us bod'e) The collagenous fibers and fluid that occupy the posterior cavity of the eye. p. 487

vitreous humor (vit're-us hu'mor) The substance that occupies the space between the lens and the retina of the eye. p. 487 vocal cords (vo'kal kordz) Folds of tissue within the larynx that produce sounds when they vibrate. p. 783 voluntary (vol'un-tar"e) Capable of being consciously controlled. p. 160 vulva (vul'vah) The external reproductive parts of the female that surround the opening of the vagina. p. 906

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