jejunum (jei-joo'num) Portion of the small intestine located between the duodenum and the ileum. p. 715 joint (joint) The union of two or more bones;

an articulation. p. 271 joint capsule (joint kap'sul) An envelope, attached to the end of each bone at the joint, enclosing the cavity of a synovial joint. p. 274 juxtaglomerular apparatus (juks"tah-glo-mer'u-lair ap"ah-ra'tus) Structure located in the walls of arterioles near the glomerulus that regulates renal blood flow. p. 829

juxtamedullary nephron (juks"tah-med'u-lair-e nef'ron) A nephron with its corpuscle located near the renal medulla. p. 829

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