ble plasma protein, but fibrin is insoluble. Thrombin also activates factor XIII, which strengthens and stabilizes fibrin threads.

Once fibrin threads form, they stick to exposed surfaces of damaged blood vessels, creating a meshwork that entraps blood cells and platelets (fig. 14.18). The resulting mass is a blood clot, which may block a vascular break and prevent further blood loss.

The amount of prothrombin activator that appears in the blood is directly proportional to the degree of tissue damage. Once a blood clot begins to form, it promotes still more clotting, because thrombin also acts directly on blood clotting factors other than fibrinogen, causing prothrombin to form still more thrombin. This type of self-initiating action is an example of a positive feedback system, in which the original action stimulates more of the same type of action. Such a mechanism produces unstable conditions and can operate for only a short time in a living system, because life depends on the maintenance of a stable internal environment (see chapter 1, p. 6).

Normally, blood flow throughout the body prevents formation of a massive clot within the cardiovascular system by rapidly carrying excess thrombin away and keeping its concentration too low to enhance further clotting. Also, a naturally occurring substance called antithrombin, present in the blood and on the surfaces of endothelial cells that line blood vessels, limits thrombin formation. Consequently, blood coagulation is usually limited to blood that is standing still or moving slowly, and clotting ceases where a clot contacts circulating blood.

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