Name the four major types of tissue found in the human body.

Describe the general characteristics of epithelial tissues. Distinguish between simple epithelium and stratified epithelium.

Explain how the structure of simple squamous epithelium provides its function. Name an organ that includes each of the following tissues, and give the function of the tissue:

a. Simple squamous epithelium b. Simple cuboidal epithelium c. Simple columnar epithelium d. Pseudostratified columnar epithelium e. Stratified squamous epithelium f. Stratified cuboidal epithelium g. Stratified columnar epithelium h. Transitional epithelium Define gland.

Distinguish between an exocrine gland and an endocrine gland.

Explain how glands are classified according to the structure of their ducts and the organization of their cells. Explain how glands are classified according to the nature of their secretions.

11. Distinguish between a serous cell and a mucous cell.

12. Describe the general characteristics of connective tissue.

13. Define matrix and ground substance.

14. Describe three major types of connective tissue cells.

15. Distinguish between collagen and elastin.

16. Explain the difference between loose connective tissue and dense connective tissue.

17. Explain how the quantity of adipose tissue in the body reflects diet.

18. Distinguish between regular and irregular dense connective tissues.

19. Distinguish between elastic and reticular connective tissues.

20. Explain why injured loose connective tissue and cartilage are usually slow to heal.

21. Name the major types of cartilage, and describe their differences and similarities.

22. Describe how bone cells are organized in bone tissue.

23. Explain how bone cells receive nutrients.

24. Describe the solid components of blood.

25. Describe the general characteristics of muscle tissues.

26. Distinguish among skeletal, smooth, and cardiac muscle tissues.

27. Describe the general characteristics of nervous tissue.

28. Distinguish between neurons and neuroglial cells.

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