Values increase in melanoma and biliary tract obstruction.


Under 300 mg/24 hr

Values increase in hyperparathyroidism and decrease in hypoparathyroidism.

Creatinine (24 hours) 15-25 mg/kg body weight/day Values increase in infections, and decrease in muscular atrophy, anemia, leukemia, and kidney diseases.

Creatinine clearance (24 hours) 100-140 mL/min

Values increase in renal diseases.

*These values may vary with hospital, physician, and type of equipment used to make measurements.

Shier-Butler-Lewis: I Back Matter I Appendix C: Laboratory I I © The McGraw-Hill

Human Anatomy and Tests of Clinical Companies, 2001

Physiology, Ninth Edition Importance

Common Tests Performed on Urine—continued


Normal Values*

Clinical Significance


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