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1. What acidic and alkaline substances do you encounter in your everyday life? What foods do you eat regularly that are acidic? What alkaline foods do you eat?

2. Using the information on page 51 to distinguish between saturated and unsaturated fats, try to list all of the sources of saturated and unsaturated fats you have eaten during the past twenty-four hours.

3. How would you reassure a patient who is about to undergo CT scanning for evaluation of a tumor, and who fears becoming a radiation hazard to family members?

4. Various forms of ionizing radiation, such as that released from X-ray tubes and radioactive substances, are commonly used in the treatment of cancer, yet such exposure can cause adverse effects, including the development of cancers. How would you explain the value of radiation therapy to a cancer patient in light of this seeming contradiction?

5. How would you explain the importance of amino acids and proteins in a diet to a person who is following a diet composed primarily of carbohydrates?

6. What clinical laboratory tests with which you are acquainted involve a knowledge of chemistry?

7. Explain why the symptoms of many inherited diseases result from abnormal protein function.

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